Due to an order sent to New Zealand, I have a spair set of 102mm pistons for a 75mm stroke. Currently I plan on sending out a pair of cylinders (920 for the cam chain groove) for aluminum sleeves and Nikasil/chrome/ceramic (I haven't decided yet) bores. Also going out will be an XVS1000 crakshaft -- it's lighter by over a kilo -- for further lightening and balancing, and oil feed hole champfering. The original customer has a TR1 and wanted a max of 10:1 CR, so I will probably have the cylinders decked to bring them up to at least 10.1 (or more) - with 1100 Virago heads as these seem to flow the best. I don't see going too much higher as 1) this will be a big motor and heat becomes a problem, 2) shorteneing over 1.5mm will make the cam chains difficult to tension.

This is a long-term project and not bound by my ideas. As I laid it out above it would run over fifteen hundred dollars; without gaskets, oil-cooler, cams, carbs, ignition, pipes, assembly, or shipping. Iron sleeves could be used and it could be run on an unmodified 1100 Virago crank. That's how the original buyer is running his. Undecked 1000 or 1100 barrels would yield a hair under 9:1 CR. More than stock and a lot bigger.