To install such a kit, you must pull the top end. Acquire cylinders with flat decks. Press the sleeves out of them. Bore the aluminum to accept a larger sleeves. Bore and hone these to accept the larger pistons. Enlarge the spigot hole to accommodate the larger sleeves. Ride only short distances and very gingerly to avoid heat-related problems. For a 108mm piston, a sleeve OD of about 112mm would be required. A deck flange with an OD of 116mm would be called for, with a depth of at least 2mm. There's room. One would only need to remove material from the cases down about 20mm.

What would it cost? Reckon a hundred fifty dollars for cylinder cores. Another hundred fifty per sleeve. Sleeve into cylinder, a hundred fifty per. Modify cases. See alternate means on Another hundred. The piston kit: $900. Total: $1650 - tentative. Maybe more, maybe less. Modified gaskets.

As the machine work and engineering are about the same, other sizes would cost similarly.

For this bore size - and realistically for any size that requires enlarging the spigots - it would be a very good idea to run plated bores and at least a single oil cooler. So - core cylinders: $150; "sleeves" $300; machine work to install sleeves and plate bores $300 + $550; piston kits $1000; case machine work: $300; modified gaskets plus rest of kits $200; modify oil filter cover $100 including lines; $100 minimum for the actual radiator and mounting. That's $3000 not including any freight or wrench work. Enjoy.