The problem with carb kits is that they are ferociously expensive.   Were I to assemble a kit consisting of 39mm Keihin FCR MX carbs with choke and hot start, plus cables, filters, and flanges, I'd have to charge at least twelve hundred for the setup.   Used FCRs and Mikuni -86 and -6 series flat-slides can be had for far less than new.   It doesn't seem to matter what the new kits are sold for -- they always seem to have the same jets, needles, and all other metering bits.

I counsel the following: do not even consider going to a single carb setup.   Period.   It will turn your potential sport-bike into a toad.   If you want to have low end torque and not be able to rev, buy an older single.   Now then, for stock motors consider 38mm Mikunis.   For full-liter with some performance enhancements, TM40-6 Mikunis -- or if you like to tinker, 39mm FCRs.   If you can afford them, get your FCRs in the MX configuration.   The enhancements make for a much more tractable ride.   If you stroke your crank and/or run a bore big enough that the case spigot must be enlarged, or run over-size valves, or really wild cams, consider 42mm flat-slide Mikunis or 41mm FCR MXs.   If going all out 45mm Mikuni pumpers or 43mm FCR MXs.

At this point, it becomes more cost-effective to run EFI with used RC51 throttle bodies (55mm each!).   If you really like to tinker, this may well be the perfect solution for you.

Of course, giant carbs do little to enhance power without extensive porting.

Let's try this: Preliminary descriptions and tentative pricing for dual Mikuni kits for the Virago, RH/RJ, and TR1.

38mm Round Slide VM38s -- flanges with vacuum fittings, air cleaners, and a handful of jets in case you want to try to get it dialed in a little tighter:
Between $450 and $500 -- Sale: $250 get your own cables and air cleaners comes with flanges.
38mm flat-slides, the same pieces, except you use your old flanges.
Around $550 to $600 -- Sale: $350 get your own cables and air cleaners comes with flanges.
TM40-6: 40mm flat-slides with accelerator pumps, with everything.
About $850 -- Sale: $750 get your own cables and air cleaners comes with flanges..
TM42-6: 42mm flat-slides with accelerator pumps, with everything. For engines exceeding 1200cc and living over 8500RPM.   Bulky and hard to fit, these may be the perfect carbs fot 1065cc TR1's with .550"+ lift and 300 degrees of duration.
About $1000 -- Sale: $475 get your own cables and air cleaners comes with flanges..

I'm sorry that for now I must leave you to acquire your own cables. TThere are two major sources for wholesale cables and fittings: Flanders - who insist that I must have a brick-and-mortar store; and Motion Pro who have decided that this area is saturated with their dealers. However when I go to any of these dealers - they are all independent Harley purveyors - they are curt and unhelpful. I believe that they resent V Twins that are not American.