All kinds of stuff planned, but we're slow. Check back periodically to see what's available.

    Carb Kits -- all flat-slide
  1. 38mm Mikuni
  2. 39mm Keihin FCR
  3. 40mm Mikuni w/ accelerator pump
  4. 42mm Mikuni pumper

  1. Microsquirt ignition control, BUT - Complete carb kits with throttles and cables that reach and perform.
  2. Push and Pull cables that are hooked up. Sorry, but ALL Bigtwins LLC goods are all black with very few exceptions.
  3. The Problem is that the MicroSquirt does not have Pulse Width Modulation - which inexpensive devices such as the Arduino 2560 R3 do possess.
  4. Look for a combination of Raspberry/Banana/Organge PI and Arduino combos to handle fueling. The MegaSquirt is a minimum of $1100.
  5. In the meantime look for 42mm and 45mm HSR Mikuni Systems. Yes, I understank that FCR systenms can squeese out smoother a power-band and higherr peaks, but it is a nit-picking job that is almost as much work as EFI.

  6. Microsquirt(maybe)-based EFI and ignition control
  7. Ecotrons-based EFI and ignition control

  8. Ignitech ignitions and other controls

    Big Bore Kits

  1. 96mm
  2. 99mm
  3. 102mm
  4. 106mm
  5. 108mm
  6. 112mm Doubtful

With Longer Strokes

  1. 108mmx84mm
  2. 108mmx89mm

Stroked and Balanced Cranks

  1. 75mm V Star
  2. 84mm Probably - Not cheap
  3. 87mm Unlikely

  1. Needle Bearing Heads -- Cams and Rockers

  2. Exhausts

  1. XV-Friendly Tools
  2. Valve Spring Compressors

  1. Crank Pullers
  2. Rocker Shaft Pullers
  3. Alternator Rotor Pullers
  4. Main Bearing Pullers

  1. Machining Services

  2. Double Row Bearing Kits

  3. Stainless Hardware Kits

  4. Titanium Studs

  5. Compression Releases

  6. Kick Start Kits? Unlikely

  7. Four Valve Head Kits -- Expensive!

  8. Shaft-to-Chain/Belt Conversions -- Eventually.

The current plan:

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