This is a tough one.   There are a lot of pieces that must be accumulated, and a few that need to be fabricated.   We believe that this area will be handled by various stages of kits -- from ignition only, to complete: including throttle body (bodies?).

The most basic kit will be for ignition only: a Microsquirt V3 with the short harness; one relay to power the coils; the coils themselves: LS2 Yukons; several capacitors and a diode to damp out feedback noise; a replacement, vented cam cover; a driving stud fixed to the front cam; a trigger disc fixed to this stud.   All the necessary bearings. seals, and covers. A Hall Effect sensor and adjustable mount for it. [After further thought, I decided that LED pulses through a slotted disc would be more efficient than the Hall Effect and the tiny rare earth (niobium, mostly) magnets to embed in the right places.] A MAP branched to both ports will report to the ECU, taking in to account vacuum from a whacked open throttle, and -- if present -- boost.   That's essentially the ignition system, which will be readily expandable to provide EFI.

What will be the top kit?   Well, the highest performance stock bikes have one throttle body per cylinder and multiple injectors in each.   After-market throttle bodies lack sophistication and make for a lot of work to adapt.   Currently, I'm leaning toward a single RC51 for relatively stock motors -- with the injectors moved into the flanges.   For hyper motors, a pair of the same, or some Ducati units: model(s) to be determined.   So far the most promising look to be XV1700 Warriors'. I haven't looked at BMWs' yet. Harleys', Victorys', and Aprilias' won't do as they are bonded together and the angles cannot be adjusted.

Don't expect too much enthusiasm on my part for marketing an EFI-for-the-XV with any celerity.   The margin on assembled MicroSquirts is razor-thin, and there is a large buy-in.   Until I establish dealer status from some suppliers, the peripherals will be coming off of eBay.   My profit will come from developing an ignition, and figuring out how to graft on (and synchronize) throttle bodies.

Perhaps the best solution for throttle bodies is to simply use the existing carbs. Pull the needles and their jets, epoxy the slides wide open, and seal all extraneous holes. Then bore into the carb spigots for injectors. Easy to sync, easy to hide the fuel rails, MAPS, and other intake pieces. This just leaves an oil temp sensor to place; I like the rear head, near the base of the exhaust valve: plenty of hot oil there.

Perhaps we should consider other ECUs? Well, Dyna-whatever just seems to be an adjunct (add-on) to an existing EFI system.   Ecotrons is confusing: they try to make their kits as complete as possible, but some basic sensors are lacking.   Also, they put the fuel pressure regulator upstream of the injectors, which -- among other things -- keeps the ready-to-inject fuel quite hot.

For further Thoughts on driving units.

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