I find myself low on presentable heads. Consider this page for reference only until I can have: 1) bad "gasket" surfaces milled smooth, 2) broken fins built up and shaped.

920 heads with five angle (75, 60, 46, 31, and 15 degrees) valve jobs with new stock size stainless steel valves with Stellite tips and faces, Viton valve guide seals, and fine wire springs (good to .560" valve lift). Ports lightly massaged (there is very little that can be done) for better flow.


No longer available: the mfg did not find my volume cost-effective.

The same as above with finer wire, higher chrome and silicon springs, titanium retainers, good to valve lifts up to .600". Titanium jumped a LOT in price recently.


The above assembled with a set of HARD rockers and flow-modified fittings and high quality drive-side bearings. Ports opened on the intake to accomodate large flanges (stock and Mikuni), and raised and polished on the exhaust.


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A project I plan to undertake is the "torque monster." Note that this will not work with our high compression pistons. We shall take a pair of 700 Virago heads and sink larger valve seats into them so that the big bike valves fit. A five angle valve job will be applied, as well as some port smoothing. No port enlargement. Maybe epoxy the intakes narrower. Atop a standard 920, this would yield a 11:1 compression ratio. On a thousand - 11.7:1, and on an 1100 - 12.6:1! Starter mechanisms (and stock rings) would be severely stressed. A "torque" cam in both "spring-less" and high-lift versions is in the planning stages, but I fear that neither of my suppliers will undertake such. Such an arrangement would dictate stock (or narrower) pipes and carbs no larger than 36mm for the 1100, 34mm for the other bikes. Even for this, I refuse to consider a single carb manifold -- there are just too many logistical problems to overcome for acceptable performance and durability.