I find myself low on presentable heads. Consider this page for reference only until I can have: 1) bad "gasket" surfaces milled smooth, 2) broken fins built up and shaped.

920 heads with five angle (75, 60, 46, 31, and 15 degrees) valve jobs with new stock size stainless steel valves with Stellite tips and faces and chrome stems. Viton valve guide seals, and finewire high chrome and low silicon springs with titanium retainers, good to valve lifts up to .600". Ports lightly massaged (there is very little that can be done) for better flow.

Titanium jumped a LOT in price recently.


The above assembled with a set of HARD rockers and flow-modified fittings and high quality drive-side bearings. Ports opened on the intake to accomodate large flanges (stock and Mikuni), and raised and polished on the exhaust.


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This last option shall be available with eleven hundred heads. This is recommended for any engine with a stroke of 75mm or more. I prefer these heads as the valve shrouding of the smaller engines is absent - resulting in better flow inside the cylinders.

We are currently working with Kibblewhite on C630 (a long wearing, low friction aluminum/bronze/molybdenum alloy) guides. and 2mm over-size intake and exhaust valves. Possibly smaller OD retainers and less expensive springs to make working on them easier.

Coming up: Modified eleven hundred heads as these lack the valve shrouding of the smaller bikes. These will have magnesium/bronze alloy (C630) 7mm guides. 2mm over-size exhaust valves; one and a quarter over intakes (there simply is not room to go bigger). High Chrome fine-wire springs with valve lifts good to .565" titanium retainers; Viton seals; 5 angle valve jobs. The guides are not cheap and are expensive to machine (ream). The valves have smaller stems for better flow. Ports will be matched to 40mm or 42mm carbs (your call) and widened; the exhaust polished. The inner cap of the combustion chamber and the valve heads will be ceramic coated to reflect heat. As will be the exhaust port. A set of new hard rockers. Not Set yet (I need to see how much machine work is needed).



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