Since I don't have a physical walk-in store most distributors will not deal with me. A few will; click the "Vendors" link on the start page to see some of them. A lot of manufacturers aren't interested in supporting rare, obsolete series - especially in small lot quantities. There are a number of mfg that don't deal directly with merchants; distributors only. There are also mfg and/or distributors that don't like to have their products sold at too many places. They tend to feel that certain areas are sufficiently "saturated."

Every year; every model is a bit different. Exhausts are no longer made. There are some still sitting in warehouses that get sold off in batches at pennies on the dollar. I pass these up as I lack space to store them and every year is different; and more importantly: most of these exhausts are quite loud and designed for boulevard cruisers. Not a good fit with our philosophy of what a sporting twin should be.

One that I wish I could help with is cables. The best source I know of is Motion Pro. I am in Orange County and Southern California is saturated with their merchants. Again, every year, every model is different. I leave it to the customer to send measurements and particulars to them. Expect about fifty dollars per cable. Our VM, TM, and HSR series Mikuni carbs all use different fittings. As do Keihin FCRs. Before I forget: please do not run 1) a single carb manifold, 2) Bing, or 3) Dellorto carbs. These last two are using twenty plus year old technology.