Just to give you an idea of what we deal with -- both coming in and going out - and some of the things we correspond about.

Most of my correspondence starts as eBay messaging. eBay blocks messages containing url's or email addresses. They also will not allow them in sales listings. I must encode web addresses in mine. If an exchange runs more than a simple question and answer, I urge my correspondent to switch to regular email - where I can at least send them page addresses. Most people are too obtuse (thick-headed) to comprehend this. No matter that I say: contact me at support at bigtwins dot org in every exchange, they rarely do.

I don't know how closely eBay looks at every msg, but I'm a touch paranoid. From each transaction they take from eight to twelve percent off the top -- including shipping fees. Thus everything onsite is cheaper than the same parts offered on eBay. There is still little comprehension that it costs the seller something to sell there.

Some eBay HiJinks DEC 2017 Ongoing

I sold a chain enclosure for a 920R (including sprocket and chain tubes) on eBay for $75. I printed a label and arranged for a pick up. I ship everything Priority 2 or 3 day. In the afternoon I went outside and saw that there was a note stuck to the box: label not printed strong enough: carrier unable to scan in the bar code. I went in and played with the printer never getting a bold print. I bicycled to the local PO reckoning that I was out the $16 that it costs to ship a Large Box. I got to the counter and explained. Nice lady was able to extract enough info from the label to credit me the money I had already spent. However, she pointed out that the printing on the box did not say Priority Large, but rather Large Mailing Box, Priority. And although I had been using these boxes as Large Priorities and paying for that service, I actually owed another $42 to ship. I payed and when I got home I ruefully messaged the buyer that the transaction was now a net loss to me. He answered completely unsympathetic and essentially called me a jack ass. Two weeks passed and he complained to eBay (not directly to me) that the parcel had not arrived. My account locked pending resolution. Since I did not need the grief and I had money in my PayPal account, I issued a refund. For some reason, instead of taking the money from my PayPal balance (or giving me any choice of source) eBay debited my bank account which was empty. They sent the buyer a failed funds notice and he wrote me a rather insulting message. I directly refunded him personally from my PayPal account. Out $75 plus shipping. I transfered some money into my bank account. eBay retried the debit and it worked. I called and explained. Some South Asian said they would look into it. Nothing has come of it two months later. I'm out about $200 plus parts. And I think that the vulgar bastard I dealt with got two refunds and received the goods late anyhow. So it goes.