01 Nov 2015:

I'm down to three Virago 1000 cylinders and I need them for both 1004cc 10:1 kits and 1065cc kits for the 1000 and the TR1. Usually, there are tons of these on eBay. Now they can't be had at any price.

I also have one standard thousand piston and one 1.0mm over-size one. I need one or both, as I need the fixings for an economy big bore kit. Again, they are usually a drag on the market; now they can't be found. Rings I get from the after-market and there is no shortage.

It just occurred to me that there is no shortage of eleven hundred cylinders. I can just grind off the "1063cc" from the base and shoot them silver.

03 Nov 2015:

There may be a "design flaw" on the TR1 that makes the bare 99mm piston kit a no-go. It's come to my attention that at least some TR1's do not have an aluminum barrier between the head gasket depression and the one for the cam chain tunnel o-ring. Should this be the case universally, I can't guaranty that 1065cc motors won't blow head gaskets more-or-less constantly unless they run Virago 1000 cylinders.

A little more research, then I may have to put a disclaimer in the description for the kit.


If you run across a feature and there is a warning not to use it, this is shear laziness on my part. An example that comes to mind is the Login and Registration pages. Ultimately -- using cookies and sessions, if that means anything to you -- the site database will keep track of the IPs (internet addresses and devices) that you use to connect with, and greet regulars by name without need to login.

However, I use video courses to learn most of my web code, and those that cover these concepts are presented by lecturers who have almost impenetrable accents -- I get frustrated and break off. I guess I'll have to read the documentation. Sigh.

09 or so Nov 2015

I acquired a few more domains. I'm in the process of moving TR1-specific parts and references to tr1.co, and maybe put up a gallery at tr1.club.

Apr 2017

Tr1.club has come and gone. Not enough people sent me pictures. It grew and collapsed. I still have the shots. Perhaps I'll attach a gallery to bigtwins.org.'

Oct 2017

Tr1.club is now a topic on the bigtwins.org menu. Although .com is the most reckognized TLD, my web-host charges twice as much for .co I would have liked for this to have been bigtwins.com, but a domain-sitter owns it. So, I'm letting tr1.co expire and moving all the pages here - I hope it doesn't cause too much confusion. I have everything (web-wise) set to manual renew. Apparently, you can't do that with SSL encryption, so I dropped it for bigtwins.co and tr1.co. I believe that as soon as tr1.co expires, I will re-establish it for this domain: https: just looks cooler and if I ever get around to establishing a user database, it will be one more impediment for hackers. I will probably learn oauth inside-and-out and find a free version of it to use.