Apr 2017

I'm in the midst of my third RH to 1065. One went to Chile, one to the praries of Canada, this one is going to the Great Lakes area. One local to me fell through when I detailed to the user just what work was needed for this sort of build. The spigots in the cases must be enlarged and there are a variety of ways to accomplish this. The wash-out wanted to go bigger, but I emphasized the closeness of the studs and spent quite a bit of explanation about getting that much displacement to breath deeply enough. The ports must be straightened and enlarged and there is simply not enough material to do this without a _lot_ of MIG welding and machine work. I indicated that to do it right would easily cost more than a more modern twin that already made a lot of horsepower.

It is conceivable that by moving enough material and running monstrous carbs, it might be posssible to eek out 130hp. TL1000R's and RC51's made this much power stock.