Two of these will be built simultaniusly; one as my flagship; one to sell afer break in. Mine will be wrapped in an R1/XV1700 chassis. The other will be sold and shipped out as just an engine with all the connections in place - it will be bolt-in and go.

Cams designs are going to go to a Korean concern that I've been in contact with. We're looking for .600" lift across 320° of rotation with 112° LBA. The supercharger company has assured me that this is ideal. However, under the long periods of overlap there is ample time for unburned mixture to be blown stright out the exhaust. . . . Maybe they were pulling my leg?

Look for 108mm Nikasil bores with either a Raptor 700 water pump running off the clutch outer or an M109R pump in a yet to be determined location. There will, of course be a thermostat and housing with a temperature sensor. The radiator will mount high in front of the coils. On each down tube in front will be a radiator for the oil; which will be tapped from the oil filter cover. An air-to-air inter-cooler will mount under the headlight. Boost will be ducted back to a single RC51 throttle body with injectors in each intake runner.

Stroke will likely be 84mm with balancing done. The centrifugaal supercharger will be run either from the oil snout on the right side or off the rotor on the left. The blower itself will be mounted fairly low out font, between the oil coolers and below the radiator. There will likely be a water/methanol injection system mounted behind the seat. The ECU will be below the front of the seat. There will be therocouple driven temperature meter for each head.

More Later.