These are old bikes.   After-market coverage is very spotty.   There shall always be stock Yamaha hard parts that we can use.   If you have something on the following list, we're interested.   It must be useable (with modifications, of course).   It must be inexpensive: keep shipping costs in mind.

  1. Engine Assemblies, as complete as Possible

    1. XV920RH/RJ -- especially
    2. 920 Virago
    3. 1100 Virago
    4. 1100 V Star in all Variants
    5. XV1900 in all Variants
    6. M109R in all Variants
    7. Left case halfs from Gen I Viragos and chain-drives
    8. Chain-drive final shafts
    9. Starters and throw-out mechanisms (including all covers -- except Gen I) -- 700s and up
    10. Vented cam end covers -- 700 and up
  2. Heads

    1. 920 -- all variations
    2. 1000 Virago
    3. XV and XVS 1100
    4. XV1900 and M109R in all Variants
  3. Valve gear: cams, rockers, shafts, pins, sprockets, adjusters and jam nuts, retainers and keepers, valves.

    1. Valves: 920 and up
    2. Everything else: 700 and up
    3. XV1900 and M109R in all Variants
  4. Crankshafts, rods, and the gears, keys, and nuts that come with them.

    1. XV1100 Viragos
    2. XVS1100 V Star and variants
    3. XV1900 and M109R in all Variants
    4. Rods and crank hardware from 920s and up
  5. Electrical: alternators, rectifiers, TCIs, spark boxes, coils.

    1. ALL Viragos, 700 and up
    2. XVS1100 - any variant
    3. XV1900 and M109R in all Variants Especially ECUs
  6. Cylinders, pistons, pins, tensioners

    1. Barrels, pins - 920s, 1000s, 1100s
    2. Pistons -- 1000s
    3. Tensioners, caps -- 700s and up
    4. XV1900 and M109R in all Variants
  7. Frames

    1. Gen I only
  8. Throttle Bodies

    1. Any Ducati
    2. RC51
    3. BMW flat twins
    4. XV1900 and M109R in all Variants
    5. Any two cylinder where they are not somehow bonded together in a particuLar configuration.

This list is not exhaustive.   We don't have much need of electrical or running gear, but if the price is right, we may consider it.   Also, inclusion in the list does not necessarily demand that ownership change involve funds changing hands: we've got loads of stuff to trade, both new and after-market to used and stock.

This section is temporarily on hold. The unavailablity of pistons for so long has me _way_ under water. I unabashedly seek Angel Donors through crowdfunding. My shelves are empty and I need gasket sets, valves, piston kits, ignitions, and more. . . All in order to serve you better.