06 Nov 2015

Another day of waiting. I shall spend as much time as I can stand getting the user database hooked up. I can connect which is good. There is even a half-way functional CMS over on the .org site. What's taking so long is that I want everything done through something called "PDO." My problem is that all my programming experience has been learned via the procedural approach, whereas PDO is completely Object Oriented. Objects and Classes are new territory for me, and I instinctually write procedural code -- it doesn't mesh; I have to back-track until I find the conflict. Forms aren't much fun either. I must sanitize the input, prepare it, and inject it into the database.

Once it's up and running, it will be able to greet registered users by name, based on how and from where they connect. A fool's errand? Perhaps, as I really don't need to keep track of customers -- PayPal handles all transactions and I buy postage through their portal.

BTW - the Big Twins family of sites has grown. Some sites I never did anything with and let expire. About half of the sites are experiments with different code for signing in and registering. As of now, none are hooked up except bigtwins.org/main.php. Most of those with the string "virago" redirect to virago.tech - which may develop into a forum. All those that currently rediredt may become websites of their own as time passes. A partial list:

This is about half of my domains. The rest have nothing to do with motorcycles except tangentally. Their topics range through politics, religeon, philosophy, bicycle safety, fixing the NFL and the Olympics, and I forget what all else.

14 May 2017

I wasted several days getting some animation into the two modals on the landing page. I admit that I adopted some "donor" code -- however, the code provided was all JavaScript-driven and this is currently outside of my purview. I had to convert all the effects into CSS3 transitions and transforms - I think it worked out. The only JavaScript I use is "native" and only in the back buttons. I would rather have stuff happen on the server side than rely on the users' browsers. A minor cheat: the spin effects rely on the viewers' GPUs on their video cards for smoothness's sake. Meager as it is, any effects are available for the asking and advice/criticism is gladly absorbed.