Arias 96mm 12.5:1 piston sets, recently re-designed specifically for the TR1.   The valve cut-aways are deep enough to afford ample clearance for our wildest cams.   A "bare" kit: you provide your own machine work and you must set (if necessary) the ring-end gaps.

Please read the information below the pictures on the page "1065." It could be important. Sometimes I have several sets in stock, both bare and as part of the kits described below.   Lately, I have not been able to keep them on hand: I open an incoming box of pistons, repackage them, and ship them out that same day or the next.   If you want (or need) these pistons, I urge you to order them now and just wait for the next available.   Recently, I had a whole batch sold a full month before they arrived here.   I sell these domestically (for the 920 and 1000 Viragos), and in the Eastern Hemisphere (for the TR1 and its variants).

What you get: two pistons, two sets of rings, two pins, four clips, no gaskets.   This gives you a full-liter (1004cc) twin with a significant compression ratio -- use the highest octane fuel that the station carries.

Keep in mind that these are forged -- they require greater clearance than cast.   They will be noisy until the engine reaches operating temperature.

$495 Arias 1002cc 12.5:1 Big Bore Kit.   International Sales Pay Expedited International Shipping.

Out of stock. One month turn-around from your order payment.

1004cc With Virago One Thousand Cylinders

A somewhat more durable option is available.   I sometimes acquire Virago one thousand barrels.   I bore these to the 96mm pistons.   As these cylinders have flat decks, they use more conventional, less leak-prone gaskets.   The aluminum cylinder of the Virago is 0.6mm shorter than the TR1.   The compressed gasket is also 0.6mm -- so the compression ratio remains the same. These are shot high-temp black with exposed aluminum fin edges, and heat cured; shot clear, and cured again.   They will not smoke upon first start up. Keep in mind that there are no new barrels; I must acquire used cylinders when they are available.   Then I need to fix all the abuse they have suffered. Salvageable units have nicks and gouges filed and polished off the gasket surfaces And chipped fins built up with epoxy.

$1095 Arias 1002cc 12.5:1 Big Bore Kit with Virago One Thousand Cylinders and Gaskets.   International Buyers Will be Charged International Expedited Shipping.

Piston kits out of stock; gasket sets a couple of days away; cylinders must be acquired. Machine work done upon your order; about a week turn-around after the pistons arrive here. You may get 1100 cylinders; these were identical to 1000s except for the numbers cast into the aluminum.

Correction: I am down to ONE thousand cylinder and I am having trouble sourcing more.