28 - 30 Jan 2015:

I wrote to Kibblewhite (AKA KPMI) about over-size valves. I specified 2mm over and their least expensive "blend." I was told that in lots of ten, I could get them for a hundred ten each. Wait, I said, what about all the dealer forms and permits I sent? Oh, you're a dealer? We can go as low as one hundred six each.

2015 in general.

ATI is supposed to grant a 250USD "spiff" to their dealers who advertise their products on the landing page of their websites. The phrase, "It Pays to Choose ProCharger" must be present and visible. I haven't heard from them since I sent them my url. Maybe it comes off the first purchase?

Nov 2015

I just shipped off a top-end to Arias. I sent a Virago 1000 to model from, yet the pistons are really intended for the TR1. Their engineers will have to extrapolate a larger combustion chamber with a larger dome. And as I am promoting a set of cams with tremendous lift, the valve pockets must be much deeper than on previous batches.

09 Aug 2015

I ordered some sets of 96mm pistons from Arias 09 June. I use a third party finance company who pays the full amount into the vendor/mfg's bank accout. No credit card or PayPal fees; no gambling on checks; no thirty/sixty/ninety time payments. More later